Jae Hyuk Yun
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Kodak Recollection


Kodak Recollection


Kodak's brand extension, Recollection, captures and preserves living memories through audio and video.


We will be targeting middle-aged men and women who will eventually have to face the mortality of their parents or loved ones. They want to keep their memories alive and are genuinely interested in the stories they have to tell.


Our website will allow users to access and contribute to profiles of specific people whom they hold dear. On each homepage, users will be able to view recent activity from any profile they’re following. They will also be able to click through the theater or to any archive page. The website will send push notifications to users when profiles they follow are going live.

Footage Truck

Our launch campaign will center around introducing the Recollection Footage Truck. Our footage truck will travel to places like 5k walks to end Alzheimer’s in order to reach our target. We will give out launch boxes and help record the first entries of new users. 

<60 sec radio spot for the Recollection Footage Truck>


Launch Box

Each launch box will include a special lens that can project video from a smartphone and its stand, a brochure, and a deck of cards. The cards will serve as both prompts and a memory game.

 Conversation Prompts/ Memory Cards

Each prompt card contains an image on the back. These images are for a memory game in order to help those experiencing memory deficiencies.

Digital Pre-roll

Our digital pre-rolls show a static image and have audio explaining the image. The volume will slowly decrease until it is silent, so viewers will want to come check the rest.

Memory booth

Our memory booths will be similar to photo booths but will give those who enter a prompt to speak about. The booths will record the people speaking and give out USB drives with the files of the recordings on them.


Co-writer: Mitch Hanson

Art Directors: Mikayla Belson, Page Halter, Philip Wood