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- a typical night of the frat life

How I Met My Squirrel

How I Met My Own Squirrel

"Johnny, I don't understand"

"Mom! Read me mo' story tonite"

<only background image from <Dark Night> of Artist Expressions>

Is Diggins in You?

<only background image from Skylar Diggins (a pro female basketball player) 's photo>

We are sorry BUT.

Same Scene, Different Tools, In Various Moods

Winter Is Coming... and the Midterms are too...

An Empathetic Elephant


With Mrs. Samanci:

Q} What should I do if I spill coffee over my drawing?

A) Make it part of your artwork.

Bullying is a true crime.

A Framed Frame

Collaboration Comics with RTVF Friends

(Kyle, Nicole, Javier, Grace, Emily, Sofia, Alex, Ellen, Jimmy)

- Each of my RTVF friends draws each frame to make the whole story.

Storyboard of a Short Film (2014)